kapok singapore | garden party at NDC
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kapok garden party

saturday, july 8 | kapok at NDC | 1pm - 6pm

in conjunction with kapok's refreshed flagship store space, we want to recreate the elegant and nostalgic mood of garden parties by celebrating our fourth year in singapore with kapok's garden party.

only 50 spots available.
rsvp to reserve your picnic spot! each spot entitles you to the yummy free food and drinks.

marmite strawberry & cracked pepper sconewich
cauliflower cheesotto
fish & chips croquette
quail egg scotch eggs

gateau au citron et thyme
caramel centred choc-a-lot banoffee pudding
earl grey & lavender tea cakes
peach melba vanilla custard french toast

workshops slots are limited, at $85 per participant.

1. moss terrarium making by mossingarden (10 slots)
2. resin painting by amado gudek (8 slots)

set in the scenic courtyard of National Design Centre, join us for an afternoon of summery sweet and savoury treats from The Garden Slug, and aromatic drinks by Tanuki Raw. in the theme of all things green and beautiful, learn to create miniature landscapes in a terrarium with Mossingarden. build and cast your dreamscape with pressed plants in vivid bioresin with Amado Gudek.

in the past, garden parties were held to commemorate the beginning of summer, the start of a new season. garden parties have always been social gatherings with flair, organised with the idea of gratitude and festivity. originating in france and the uk since the 19th century, the kings or presidents hosted lavish parties in the royal gardens for their people. these parties would call for a certain dress code, serving up delicious canapés and fine teas.